Frequently asked questions
Note: These instructions are old and apply only to older versions of Java. The games won't work well with Java 1.8 (the current version). They work with Java 1.7. Please read "This is what to do with a Mac" for ideas with Windows.

Do they work on both the Macintosh and Windows?


What browser should I use?

The games work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer with Windows and Safari on the Mac. If you are using Internet Explorer for Windows, you will find that the game works best with the latest Java Plug-in Get Java Now

What if the game loads but crashes as soon as I try to play?

Turn off the JIT(Just-in-time) compiler in Internet Explorer. Tools menu/Internet Options.../Advanced tab/scroll down to Microsoft VM or Java VM then de-select JIT compiler...

What if the grapics don't appear or are incorrect?

Try quiting your browser then retstarting it or you can try re-booting your machine. If you still have a problem, please e-mail me at

How do I play with a friend?

- First you and your friend must agree on a number to use - for example 666.
- Select the type of game to play
- Select to play with a Friend
- Enter the number that you agreed on
- Press the "Start/Load The Game" button
- If you have a modem connection, it could take about a minute for the game to appear
- If your friend has already done this, once the game appears, you should connect up right away. If not, in the message area it will say "Waiting for opponent"