Because of security concerns, Apple and Oracle have been making many changes to Java. This is making it very difficult to keep up with their changes to Java and how to use it on your computer. Each time there is a new version of Java (which seems to be quite often), you will be encouraged to download the latest version of it.If things work okay, you might want to wait.

The games work as they should when using Java 1.7. The current version is 1.8. The games don't work well with it. There is a big delay after the mouse is clicked. I haven't found out why the delay or what to do to eliminate it. If you have an ideas, please pass them on to me.

If you have an older version of Java, you can try the following:

- quit Safari or whichever browser you are using - go to System Preferences... (apple menu)
- select Java (bottom of window)
- select the Security tab (top of window)
- change the Security Level to Medium
- quit out of that then start your browser again - then go to select the game you want again

If you have Java version 1.8, you could remove it then install Java 1.7. If your browser says the site has been blocked, you will need to go to System Preferences, then open the Java control panel then select the Security tab, then select Edit Site List...,then select Add then enter the following site: Always quit and restart you browser after making changes in the Java control panel.

Enjoy the games!


October 2017

In soon to be very rainy Portland Oregon